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Hey there!

My name is Sergio Rojas. I've been a health coach, trainer and nutritionist for over 25 years. I've also coached over 700 truck drivers in the past 5 years with my award winning wellness program for truck drivers. 

I assume you know that high blood sugars is the leading cause of diabetes, but did you know it can also lead to heart disease, digestive issues, kidney disease, sleep disorders, depression and even sexual dysfunction. Yep- high blood sugars is a MAJOR CONCERN that needs to be addressed. If you, or someone you know is you struggling with high blood sugars, high blood pressure, excess weight, or all of the above, you gotta jump on and be a part of this FREE 5-Day Challenge for Truck Drivers (and your families)!!

I struggled with most of these, and on top of it, I dealt with anger and depression issues for a long time. I eventually became a health coach because turning my health around helped me overcome my anger and depression. But even as a fitness trainer and health coach, I still struggled with my weight, my cholesterol and my blood sugars. I tried tons of diet plans. I lost weight, but I gained it all back, plus some, and my health markers didn't improve much if any at all.

It wasn't until about ten years into my career when I was studying functional nutrition and delved deep into studying and understanding insulin- how it impacts your whole body and mind from heart health, to energy, to focus, to weight loss, and even sleep, and how to manage it naturally. That's when everything changed for me with my own personal health, and for my career because I was able to help so many more people.

I've gotta say, I've had an amazing career working with pro athletes, being on national TV, even working at the White House, but I've never enjoyed my work as much as I do now, working with truck drivers. You  work so hard and sacrifice so much on a daily basis to provide for yourself and your family. For that, I am super grateful for you. But I'm also disgusted by how the industry takes advantage of truck drivers-- overcharging for crappy, unhealthy foods, making it nearly impossible to eat healthy, get proper sleep, or exercise. 

I know it's challenging being a truck driver, not to mention being a HEALTHY Truck Driver. I've seen so many drivers lose their health in the matter of just one or two years; some even lose 1/3 of their paycheck to pay for their medications. I've seen drivers have accidents due to fatigue from their inability to sleep because of poor health. I've seen drivers lose their medical cards and eventually their jobs because they can't keep their health under control. 

But I've also seen drivers regain their health and regain control of their lives by making some simple lifestyle changes on the road. I've seen truck drivers lose well over 100 lbs. and keep the weight off for years. I've seen drivers become filled with energy, and feel more positive- I've even seen drivers get their 2-year Medical Card for the first time in over 20 years of driving.

In this 5-DAY Challenge, I am going to show you the EXACT strategies and techniques I taught to over 700 hundred truck drivers to not only improve their health while on the road, but also save money doing so... and many got off their medications too. My coaching program for truck drivers resulted in two major awards in the trucking industry as well as Keynote Speaking at government highway traffic safety conference.

I now know it's truly possible for YOU and for ALL truck drivers to experience amazing health while being on the road. I also know the odds are stacked against you, but I am on your side, and together, we can make a HUGE difference. Because when you get healthy, you will inspire other drivers to believe in themselves and get healthy as well.  

Just like my friend Roy (you'll see his pic below in a minute), who came to me complaining that he was 75 pounds overweight, taking six medications, but worst of all, he struggled carrying his 1 and a half year-old grandchild. After following the exact principles I will be teaching you over the next 5 days, he lost 50 pounds and got off five of his six medications in my coaching program over six months. Even better, when he came by my office another six months later, he had lost another 32 pounds on his own, and got off his last medication. That's because this is not a weight loss or diet program; it's helping you develop micro-habits to live by on the road and at home, that will make being healthier an easier choice and truly a way of being.

Don't be scared, by "healthy", I don't mean you can't eat some of your favorite foods. I LOVE Pizza, Chocolate, Whiskey and Wine, so don't think you have to give anything up. It's more about how much and how often. I will say this... when you have your favorite "not-so-healthy" foods less often, you appreciate them even more.

But truthfully- I want to change this industry one truck driver at a time, starting with YOU! Imagine for a minute- how will your life be different if you have lower blood sugars- lower blood pressure- if you lose 20, 40, 60 or even 100 pounds? That's what so many drivers have accomplished, and I know YOU CAN TOO.

By The End Of This 5-Day Challenge You Will Learn:

1)  A CLEAR PICTURE and UNDERSTANDING of the Top 7 Micro-Habits YOU must start doing TODAY to lower your blood sugar levels naturally, which will also Kick-start your Weight Loss

2) The biggest LIES that the medical and nutrition industries tell you to keep you trapped, and how  to overcome them


3)  The BEST resources Truck Drivers shared with me to help make it EASIER for you to lose weight, get healthier and be Successful

I normally charge $150 to $200 per hour to coach clients. But my passion to help truck drivers has truly won my heart over and that's why I am offering this Challenge absolutely FREE. 

Hit the button below and register for this FREE challenge while registration is still open.

To your success,

Sergio - your coach

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that coached over 700 truck drivers in the past 5 years

And just for showing up for 5 Days and doing the daily assignments 
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Your Host and Coach

Sergio Rojas, FAFS, CSCS, CNS





If they can do it, SO CAN YOU...

'I lowered my blood sugars and lost 45 pounds in 90 days with Sergio's Program. I've never met someone who genuinely cares about truck drivers as much as Sergio does.''


'After doing Sergio's Program, not only did I lower my blood sugar levels and lose 145 lbs., my doctor took me 
off 7 of my 8 medications.'


'I got off my diabetes and other meds, lost 82 lbs, and have never felt better- and I am so grateful for Sergio's healthy coaching program. It's changed my life on the road and at home.'

- ROY  C 

'My blood sugars and blood pressure both went down in Sergio's program. My doctor ended up taking me off most of my medications.


'Sergio's coaching helped me lose over 131 lbs. and get off several medications. I've been able to keep the weight off and be medication free for 
14 years now.'


'As a Truck Driver, I didn't think it was possible to get healthy until I met Sergio. I lowered my blood sugars a lot, and lost 35 lbs.'


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